New Great Start Activity: Science Exploration

nature hike

nature hike pic

Students in Gr. 2-5 join Ms. Nancy Chandler (on Wednesdays, for Great Start, from 8:15-9:15AM) to explore the trails near the outdoor classroom.  While there, they look for animal signs, play nature games, and use their senses to learn about nature around us.  Since this is an outdoor activity, please be sure your child wears their winter gear (warm jacket, hat, mittens, and snow boots/snow pants, if applicable) to school.

Our Mission

-We set high standards and goals for our students where every child meets or exceeds the established academic standards.
-We create a safe environment that allows our students to become able and reliable citizens aspiring to reach their individual potential.
-We encourage personal challenge and growth within a collaborative environment.
-We bring members of the community together to support the education of our children.