Great Start


The wonderful Great Start activities that take place on Late Start Wednesdays (8:15-9:20AM) have started up again Wednesday, September 13th through December 20th, thanks to our faithful parent volunteers.  Presently, we have gym activities with Mr. Keller, Puzzles/Board Games with Ms. Burden, and Arts and Crafts with Ms. Norman.

Mad Science is a separate program, taking place on Wednesday mornings, where parents register and pay $99 for the 8-week program, which likely won't start until January, IF they get an instructor soon.  (They are looking for instructors living in the Bath/Brunswick/Phippsburg area.  If interested, call Mad Science of Maine’s Taryn Friedman at 878-2222.)  Stay tuned for more info in the future.

If any adults are interested in supervising or leading Great Start activities this year, we would love to hear from you!  Please call Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer at 389-1514, or email and let her know what you’d like to offer, and when you can start.